Hostel accommodation is available within the Institute campus. However, the provision of such accommodation is a privilege, not a right. The Institute is therefore bound to provide accommodation available will be provided for students on first to come, first to serve basis. Other criteria for hostel room allocation are at the discretion of the Institute Management.

In making the hostel part of the Institute Community life, all resident students are required to exercise maximum self-control in their relationship with other students, hostel officials and guests/visitors. Strict adherence to rules and regulations governing the hostel is expected of all students. Any breach of such rules and regulations will lead to eviction from the hostel.

The under listed rule and regulations are therefore provided to guide every student who has been determined as eligible for a bed space in the Students Halls of Residence;

1. Students wishing to reside in the hostel should apply and pay to the Institute the stipulated accommodation fee within one week of resumption of the school.

2. On no account should student’s allocated accommodation transfer or sublet such accommodation to other students who have no accommodation. If this is done, the sub-letting student shall forfeit his/her accommodation and the fee paid, while the benefactor of such transfer or sub-let shall be evicted accordingly. However, if a student wishes to relinquish his/her allocation, he/she must channel the desire in writing to the Student Affair Officer and his/her accommodation fee will be refunded in full or in part depending on the date notification of such desire was received by the appropriate authority.

3. The Institute hostel rooms are designed to specifications in terms of the number of occupants, health considerations as well as facilities. It is therefore prohibited for a resident student to harbour another student who is not the legitimate roommate; otherwise, the genuine resident risks forfeiture of his/her accommodation privilege. Therefore, squatting must be discouraged to maintain proper health standard and comfort in the hostel rooms. Also bed space is not to be sold to another student.

4. Students are not allowed to accommodate guests/visitors in the hostel without due consent from the Student Affairs Officer and all students shall be responsible for the conduct of their visitors.

5. Hostel accommodation is only for duration of ONE academic year/session.

6. It is mandatory that students should return their room keys and every other Institute property in their possession to the Hall Supervisors at the end of each session, inspection of rooms and Institute property shall be carried out before students are cleared.

7. To prevent possible fire disaster, cooking in hostel rooms/corridors is prohibited. However, cooking can be carried out in designated places in the hostels.

8. The use of candles in the hostels is prohibited; only torch/flashlight and other battery-powered devices are allowed. Any fire outbreak shall be fully investigated and culprit(s) will be penalized in accordance with established rules and regulations.

9. Under no circumstance are students allowed to bring or keep pets in hostel premises.

10. Students are expected to provide their own meals. However, Cafeteria/Bukateria services are provided on the campus where students could feed on the basis of pay-as-you eats.

11. To avoid risks of electric shocks, burns, electricity blackout and other damages, students are advised to desist from acts of illegal electric connections and tempering with or alteration of electric fittings or installation in any part of the hostel.

12. All lights and electrical appliances/gadgets must be SWITCHED OFF when not in use and when leaving the hostel.

13. All electrical gadgets/appliances such as television sets, video recorders, radio cassette players etc, must be duly registered with the Student Affairs Office.

14. Resident students may be allowed to stay in hostels during short breaks but all students must vacate the hostels a day after the official closing for long vacations.

15. The Institute should not be held responsible for loss of belongings left behind during holidays.

16. Urinating, taking bath or defecating in areas other than those designed for such purposes is prohibited and shall attract expulsion from the hostel and forfeiture of accommodation fees.

17. The use of hard papers and other non-flushable material in toilets is prohibited. Genuine toilet/tissue papers must be used.

18. Any defect or malfunction of electrical, plumbing or any other fixture must be reported to the Hall Office immediately.

19. Pregnant women and nursing mothers will not be accommodated in the hostel; however, all disabled students will be accommodated if they so desire.

20. Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness; all students must therefore ensure that their rooms are kept clean at all times.

21. Where a resident student intends to travel out to town, he/she shall collect and fill in appropriate EXIT form from the Students Affairs Office. The Polytechnic will not be responsible for the whereabouts of any resident student who leaves the hostel without obtaining an exit permit.
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