Sport and Recreational Facilities

The Institute Management is doing everything possible to put in place basic sporting facilities for use by both staff and students so as to keep sound mind in sound bodies.

In this regard, the Institute has established a Sports Unit in the Student Affairs Division of the Registry to oversee the procurement and the efficient management of sporting facilities. Furthermore, the Sports Office is responsible for organizing, administering, coaching and coordinating sports activities within the campus. It shall also liaise with other sister institutions, States Sports Council and the National Sports Commission on Sports matters.

Students are advised to note that willful damage to sporting equipment and tools shall attract surcharge and cases of misconduct during sporting activities shall be appropriately disciplined.

Students are further advised to note that apart from maintaining sound body which is a facility for advanced thinking and rigorous academic pursuit; students may have the added advantage of wearing the colours of the Polytechnic in sports contests and win laurels for the Polytechnic and for themselves.

The Institute is a member of the Nigerian Polytechnic Games Association (NIPOGA), which is a forum under which all Institute, polytechnics and Colleges of Technology within the country are brought together for healthy sports competitions.

Polytechnic Health Services

The Institute Clinic, which is situated centrally on the campus, is currently headed by a Principal Nursing Institute Officer and assisted by some Senior Nursing Personnel as well as auxiliary health officers.

Each student should present his/her identity card to the card man on his/her first visit to the clinic so that his/her name will be registered with the clinic and card issued to him/her. This card should be presented to the Clinic Card man before he/she is allowed to consult the Medical Personnel, except in the case of an emergency where the number of the card could be mentioned to enable the student receive medical attention.

Student(s) who require serious medical attention shall be referred either to the General Hospital or Special Hospital or the University Teaching Hospital depending on the seriousness of the case. Students are advised to contact the Porter or the Hall Attendant on duty in any Hall of Residence for any emergency case so as to assist him/her as appropriate.

Students are advised to note that the Institute does not take responsibility for Eye Glasses and Dental appliances.

Scholarships and Bursaries

The Institute does not directly deal with student’s scholarships and bursaries. The Students Unions of the various States normally liaise with their respective Scholarship Boards on matters related to scholarships and bursaries.

However, the Student Affairs Office can assist students with their scholarship problems by communicating with the various scholarship boards in the country on behalf of the students of the Institute. In addition, the Student Affairs Office may assist students on Federal Bursaries and Merit Awards.

Banking Facilities

The Institute has a banking facility on the Campus which offers a variety of banking services to customers.

Student with substantial amounts of money are therefore advised to deposit such money with the Bank in their own interest. The Institute will not be responsible for any loss of money or any other valuable goods by students in the Halls of Residence or anywhere else.

The Student Affairs Office will however, assist students to open bank accounts.

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