The Triumphant Institute of Professional Studies, like any other institution of higher learning has some established rules and regulations governing the conduct of students at all times. The Institute, therefore expects students to strictly adhere to such rules and regulations in order to create the right atmosphere for mutual interaction and learning.

Accordingly, the following rules and regulations are provided by the Institute Authority to guide students’ conduct on the campus. Any student who is found to have violated any of the rules shall be appropriately disciplined:

Noise Making: Noise of whatever form within the vicinity of the administrative block/rooms, the library and other designated areas should be completely avoided or kept to a minimum. Sound producing appliance(s) should not be used beyond 10.00 p.m. and not be played in such a manner as to generate disturbance or cause annoyance to others.

Smoking: Smoking is forbidden in all indoor areas within the Institute. Smokers MUST ensure that cigarettes are properly extinguished and cigarette butts dropped in waste bins/cans. Smokers are however reminded, “Smoking is dangerous to health”.

Students Identity Card: Students Identity Cards will be issued to every registered student covering the duration of student’s proposed course of study. This card is NOT TRANSFERABLE and acquisition of Identity Card is subject to the cost stipulated by the Institute.. Loss of this card must be reported to the Student Affairs Officer immediately.

Breach of Peace: Students are advised to eschew acts capable of causing disturbance or breach of peace like incitement, rioting, fighting etc.

Posting of Bills: Posting of Bills, advertisements, notices, etc, on walls and structures in not allowed. Such bills, advertisements, notices etc should be pasted on Bulletin Boards provided at strategic places on the campus. Drunkenness and Drug Abuse: The sale, purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages, drug abuse and misuse are not allowed on the campus. Students are therefore advised to eschew the patronage of all alcoholic drinks and hard drugs.

Secrets Cults/Societies: The formation, membership, sponsorship and patronage of secret cults/societies is prohibited. All clubs/societies MUST be duly registered by the Student Affairs Officer.

Taxis on Campus: Taxis are not allowed to enter the Institute except with a special permission from the Chief Security Officer or any of his authorized assistants.

Receiving and entertaining male visitors in female hostels: Female students are not allowed to receive male visitors in their rooms at anytime for any reason and male students are equally not allowed to receive female visitors in their rooms.

Any student found in possession of dangerous weapons shall be duly penalized.

Theft, pilfering or destruction of Polytechnic property: Theft, regardless of the magnitude, is a statutory offence and is therefore punishable. In the same vein, the Institute. regards as a serious offence all acts of destructive behaviour. Students are therefore expected to make judicious use of all Institute property. Student shall be surcharged for damages based on prevailing cost of item(s) damaged.

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