Academic Programmes

It should be noted that TIPS runs the Course Unit System:

Objective of Course Unit System

  • Enables a student to progress at a rate that is Reasonably adjusted to his own ability
  • Avoids repetition of a whole diet where only a small number of courses has been failed
  • Accommodates transfer from one programme to another without loss of grade obtained in courses common to the two programmes concerned.
  • Provides for inter-departmental and inter-disciplinary collaboration in curriculum planning, formulation and continuous review. This approach minimizes duplication of courses in department, discipline, etc.

    Each diploma program consists of 2 diets of 17 weeks – 15 weeks of lectures / practical / quizzes, etc and 2 weeks for registration and examination.


    A Student is expected to record a minimum of 70% attendance in a course otherwise, an “Abs” grade shall be given.


    Assessment of a student in a course shall comprise:

    (a) End of diet Examination - 70%
    (b) Continuous Assessment shall include class tests, quizzes, practical/studio works, laboratory, workshop practices - 30%

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